How to make Masi Samoa – Samoan coconut cookies

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25 Responses to How to make Masi Samoa – Samoan coconut cookies

  1. DebrasOriginals says:

    I really love your recipes . even though there are alot i cant have , i really enjoyed watching you make them .thank you so much.? please keep them coming. mahalo

  2. kimoslicd666 says:

    could you put up the ingredients? PLEASE?

  3. kimoslicd666 says:

    Wait,? what heat is the oven?

  4. lekababe01 says:

    Can u please share the recipes measurements. I miss eating the masi since’s I was a kid.?

  5. Hiro Tigilau says:

    Can you also use grams((not bls))..looks so good? and love to try it.

  6. sspitzenberg says:

    Can you please share the? recipe measurements?

  7. DEMxxRAIDERS says:

    what? are the measurements?

  8. thakaivahas52 says:

    OMG I love Panipopo’s Kitchen…. Tai lava deary!!? :)

  9. PanipoposKitchen says:

    Sa’o lelei! Always open to feedback and questions, so thank? you.

  10. MBAConsultant says:

    Tai lava! To answer your question of “Did you ever serve masi, like cracker masi, with butter mixed with jam?” Yes we did it all the time at home and church. Ole fesili e maua ai fo’i seisi malamalama aea..Once? again, thank you and blessings always.

  11. PanipoposKitchen says:

    Did you ever serve masi, like cracker masi, with butter mixed with jam? Now there’s a classic Samoan spread…Thing is this: when I hear the word ‘cracker’, I think of Cabin bread…I also didn’t use the literal translations? of keke pua’a or suafa’i…call it “creative license”…

  12. MBAConsultant says:

    Masi in samoan is cracker – just wondering why your recipe reads cookies?” Masi Samoa was an anytime snack for our family while growing up but mainly served? to special guests who came over to our home along with a cup of coffee/tea/cocoa. After a good hearty Samoan meal….tai lava……

  13. PanipoposKitchen says:

    Thanks!? :)

  14. SundiMundi says:

    You have such a lovely voice and accent. Thank you? for the recipes!

  15. Fitange says:

    I? will give it a go. Or at leat try to make them lol

  16. PanipoposKitchen says:

    Definitely try making the panipopo (or better, get someone else to make them for you!)…Once you try them, you’ll? wonder how you went so long without…

  17. Fitange says:

    It sure does. Omg I am in love with your coconut bread pani p’s the ones that look like cinnamon buns, (not sure how to spell it) I really wanna give them a? go.

  18. PanipoposKitchen says:

    Coconut rocks!?

  19. Fitange says:

    Wonderful recipe. I love things made? with coconut. Mm. Thank you

  20. PanipoposKitchen says:

    The recipe on on? my blog…see video details

  21. hala8789 says:

    can u post the recipe for masi saiga or send it to me in a pm cuz my husband wants me to make them? for him tai lava :)

  22. PanipoposKitchen says:

    yes I do?

  23. hala8789 says:

    do you? have the recipe for masi saiga?

  24. PanipoposKitchen says:


  25. YvonneMiko says:

    those? look very good! yum!

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